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???? ooookay! I don't want to revive the religious snake handlers debate (fun as that was) but I'm reminded of it here. Sometimes I wonder if God compels some people to do suicidal things to weed out the stupid people. Sort of genetic housekeeping. Play with poison snakes, jump out of fully functional aircraft, bungee jump, lock yourself in a coffin and get dropped in the lake, stay in a glass box for a month and a half. I can just about here Him laughing as He gives the instructions to the chosen. Even if you get rich doing these things if you die doing them everyone will shake there head and wonder why you would do it in the first place and laugh at your ridiculous death. "Oh, he jumped out of a plane and fell to his death did he? Well what a stupid MF he was!" I saw a pic of this tool in the box and I couldn't help thinking of those fake "cat in a jar" things, hillarious!
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