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I'm all for fighting for the rights of any group of people that deserve it, I've inhaled enough teargas to back that up too. I just don't perceive a true threat here. I have no doubt that there are people and organizations that wish to grant animals all the same rights as humans have under the law, I just don't think they're getting anywhere. There are groups of perverts that want to make child molestation legal too but they aren't getting anywhere either. These are ideas that are sick and scary and pursued with sincerity but aren't politically viable and therefore aren't anything to worry about. Municipal exotic pet bans are not the same as giving animals equal rights to their owners or even the children of their owners. These laws are for real (though most of us just play catch-me-if-you-can with them) and are worth standing up against. Worrying that someone is going to come along and tell you that you have the same responsibility to your cat as you do your child is like worrying that the Communist Party will win the next federal election and Fidel Castro will become the 44th President. Maybe Alec Baldwin can be vice-pres...?
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