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I am already seeing a turn around in BC thanks to the Reptile REFUSE. It seems like legislation is going backwards. As more people are getting reptiles as pets and they are becoming more popular. Legislation isn't keeping up. Instead they listen to any wacko that says they are doing some good. A quick knee jerk reaction on the flavour of the month and reptiles are banned. Lets not forget that just any bum that looks half respectable can become part of the city council which votes on what you can and can not do within that city. At our by law meeting where they eventually banned some reptiles I got to see the BS :toilet: first hand. Where no one took the time to look anything up they are voting to ban. They listened to so called experts that knew nothing but refused to look at books and papers I brought. Trust me nothing surprises me. We are not safe in Canada. How many reptile bylaws have you heard of being removed? Can you name one? How many new ones have you heard being legislated? We are going backwards and no one seems to be doing anything about it. TB
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