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So you're sure that what is happening is that animals are legally being placed in the same catagory as children and infirm or disabled adults and are afforded ALL of the same rights? I'm not sure that is the goal but if it is I would like to know what jurisdictions have in fact done this. As far as "America bashing" goes, I was simply pointing out that we're talking about the place with the best resources on earth and, frankly, some of the most noble goals of any country on earth but hasn't been able to accomplish them. This is a fairly objective statement I think unless you believe that the USA has been successful in doing all the things it has set out to do in law. That would mean that they have been successful in providing for and protecting each and every person in the country while at the same time protecting their freedoms. When the day comes that American politicians are so good at writing legislation that all of these goals are achieved for humans then we can start worrying about laws that give animals the same rights. The law does function using language and terminology so if I'm wrong then please quote some of this legislation that grants animals the same rights as human dependants. I just don't think it's really there and if it is it's completely unenforceable.
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