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If they were to change "pet" to "person" then we'd have a problem
But they are changing the term "Owner" to "Guardian". Which means you would have the same legal obligations that you would if you were the guadian to a child.

Let's reverse it. Let's change all the words "Gaurdian" to "owner". When you are a child's "Owner", you culd legaly buy sell and trade children. The term "Owner" has the explicit meaning of owning property.

The law is all about terminology. It may not be in the immediate future, but if we don't stop it now, then it WILL be in the future. Remember, they have clearly stated their agenda. This is a means to an end. They have learned that in order to be sucessful, it is many small victories, not trying to win a war at once.

And if you could make a reply without the America bashing, it would be nice. I keep up with Canadian legislation as well. If you think you are safe, do some research on what is pending there.
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