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Yeah, yeah that's him in the snake's belly in that other post too! LOL! Sorry, this ain't magic though. A creepy looking guy with a hairy chest and silk shirt making the statue of liberty disappear, sawing a lady in half, pick-a-card-any-card, that's magic. Sticking yourself in a glass box for over a month is just an act of stupidity. Is Johnny Knoxville claiming magician's status now too? I remember screwing with other kids on acid back in highschool... "Hey man, I'm gonna put an invisible glass box on yer head" "Wha?" "I'm gonna put a glass box on your head and when I do you won't be able to hear anything ok?" "Whatever man" "Ready? Ok, I'm lowering the invisible glass box over your head" You hold your hands a little wider than their head and mime a box. "Ok now remember when I finish putting the box on you that you won't be able to hear anyth---" You lip sync the rest of the sentence and simultaneously someone mutes the TV. "Oh whatever guys, this isn't gonna work" Everyone else jaws silently at eachother, pretending to have a conversation, mocking the victim in the box. "You guys are f***in stupid, man it's not working.." Everyone else silently laughs at him, eventually the acid makes him wonder if there isn't really something wrong..."Alright, f*** off guys, that's enough, stop" You all laugh even harder, still silent. "TAKE IT OFF! F***IN ***HOLES! TAKE IT OFF!" There's a couple of mentally scarred people walking around out there who think I'm a magician too! hahaha
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