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I think that you have blinders on.
Just because the term "guardian" is being used does not necessarily mean that animals, from goldfish to cattle, will instantly go from being the property of their keepers to gaining equal status with human children.
That is EXACTLY what the IDA states as their goal! To make pets no longer legal property, but a member of the family. I will promise that none of the terrrible outcomes and lawsuits will come into effect in areas such as Rhode Island until the "Gaudian Movement" has a strong foothold in most states. They do not want to tip thier hand too soon. And it IS going in undetected under the illusion of "We just want to stop animal abuse".

Relax folks, don't let Alec Baldwin and Charlize Theron scare you,
If pet owners are not afraid, then they are not paying attention. This is no joke. This is the first REAL threat to the community I have seen. There have been propsed and so forth, but most were so far out of left field that did not survive. This movement has proven that it has a grassroots movement and backing to push it through in a variety of jurisdictions. This one is real people.

If you think living in Canada will save you from this movement, so be it. Believe what you wish.

Without involvement by keepers, this will spread and we will be left vunerable to new laws stripping our rights.
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