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Unhappy Black cats/devil cats?

I know this doesn't really belong here but I just thought maybe would know soemthing about it and it is general discussion so her goes...
I live in rural texas and have a extensive family in oklahoma, lousianna, and texas and they are all hunters of things[yes hicks people, but i'm not one of them] Anyways I am very intrested in the paranormal and cryptids so i started asking them about their wild stories of decades of midnight hunts, trust me I have alot. But one thing that kept coming up was the sightings of blacks cats a little bigger then housecats. They all say they just appered sometime in the eighties and were everywhere they would see 5or 6 a night, then thye just left and sightings are very rare now. My dad said that he had over 60 pelts in his shed he kept for years wondering what they were asking fur traders and such but no-one knew what they were. THey also said that they would see the cats and when they looked at them or soemthing they just seemed to disappeear into midair liek ghost cats. I was hoping somone might know something about these cats any info would help me alot. I will also be posting on the other bigfoot and monster of bogy creek stpries they have told me, yes bogy creek sound like a familar movie my dad and uncles have seen it more then once and I got details.
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