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How does anyone here have the right to say what ed gien was or what he thought or where he got his ideas inless you are him then you should say in my opnion because thats all it is. All i was saying is that an urban legend that sounds almost identical to the movie has exixted in texas awhile even longer then the story that the movie was origanally based on. MAybe the prodeucers and writers just wanted a reason where they could say based on actual events so they used the Ed gien thing you never know what goes on inthese peoples heads. I read alot about giens and the urban legend and they are laot alike, in the legend it tales of the weird things made from human incraments. I just gave a short summary of basic parts of the tale, when actually told the teller adds details and stuff to make it extra scary to add a personal touch. Whoes to say that Ed didnt hear the legend think that sounds funn and go and do it, maybe the legend is true maybe it was covered up are goverments as ****ed up as it can be and full of cover ups you just never really know. I admitt I dont I'm just giving my opnion and what I know about the subject. I'm sorry for using the R word where I come from no-one thinks of it as offnesive the south is alot diffrient from the north. Again I apologize!!!
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