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I would love to get seriously in to working out, but its not as easy from home. I keep trying to learn as much as I can on the topic and have been getting more and more in to it than I ever have been. Personally, the gym intimidates me... I wouldn't know what I was doing... and even still I don't have the financial situation to afford a membership I hate cardio with a passion... partly because I have breathing problems, other part because I jsut do not find it enjoyable. I love weights though. All I have at home are 5 lb dumbells and a 10 lb barbell I do an hour of pilates, then I do more ab work, followed by weights, then a few miscellaneous excercises. I do this 5-6 days a week usually. I try to go running once or twice a week... but I can't anymore because this weather winds me in a second and I experience terrible throat, chest, and head pain I hate the stationary bike... I think I use it 5x a year I've been getting Mike to teach me more excercises to I can do with the weights. I quit drinking for one month and the results were incredible I've pretty much come down to only consuming alcohol a couple times a month, if that. I'm always told how alcohol kills off the hormone that builds muscle, but wow... I never expected results like that. It was very encouraging and inspiring to say the least I've always worked out here and there for years, but lately I've actually become quite serious about it. I guess its a new hobby for me

Thanks for the links!
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