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The story contrary is not based on Ed Gien liek many people presumeably think. Its based on an actual account of Texas history or urban myth based long before the inccedents of Ed Gien. The legend goes that it happened but was covered up by the goverment or local law enforcement because they were in on it, most the time its just the local law enforcement. These people lived somwhere in counrty on a huge plot of land near a small bum ****ed town in the middle of texas inbtween midland and dallas. It was an old man[which charistics are surprislingly like to that of Ed gien] and his two sons one of which was ********. They would dig up peoples bodies and then make stuff from the skin and what not. Then when somones came across their land and saw the house they were kiled the family ate them they started to put booby traps on the land and get strangers who came on their land. They used the meat to make a chili they entered in the local fair and won their secret got around the whole town of freaky poeple were in on it. So dont go on people land that you dont know[big thing in rural texas} is the moral story there. Whether the storyis actually true or not I do not know but thats a summary of the urbn legend that has been told forever in texas or where i'm from. Another version sais they all went to prison and letherface escaped on the way and is now seen on the roads inbetween midland and dallas hitch hikingnew moral dont pick up hitch hikers!!!
Many have made a trade of delusions and false miracles,
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