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Originally posted by Pixie

Although he was only convicted of two murders, it is rumored that he killed over a dozen women. Body parts of many were found around his house but they were never able to link them to missing women.

What really surprises me is that the movie is based on Ed Gein? From my recollection of the book, he never used a chainsaw. I can't see how that came in!

Actually he only did kill two people. And all the body parts were from the graves he had robbed. I won't go on about him as this IS a family site.

Now the movie is loosely,VERY loosely based on Ed Gein. The movie itself isn't based off of him. The character Leatherface is based off Geins. And only a small part of Leatherface is taken from Geins and that is his mask made out of human skin.
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