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There are many things to consider berfor breeding. The first is what will you do with all the babies. This one sounds easy I will just sell them. It does not work this easy. You will need to house them until they shed once and are eating. So you need housing for all of them for approx. 1 month. Then there is the feeding for this time. Unless you have a wholesale source for rat pups you will pay a min. of $1.50 each. After all this you can then try to sell them, or give them to friends. If you have a local store, that is not a chain store. You could sell them to them, just remember you will only get 50% of what the store sells them for. Or if there is a local herp. society some of the members might buy some if you are a member. Like I said this is just the first thing to consider. I feel it would be a great experence for you if your parents are supportive and do not mind you having more snakes in the house. Also do not forget the cost of an incubator. You might even be able to use the breeding as a science project. Just do not expect to make any money at it. If you are lucky you will break even.
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