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I can't believe I missed out on this forum, finally a topic I know about and I missed the whole thing. Well anyway as a person who holds a degree in sports science as well a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist with years of personal training experience I have to say alot of people here have shown an impressive amount knowledge on the topic although there are a few points I would disagree with (Kahane your program and nutri info are great but I don't think you have enough complete rest days scheduled in there for a natural body's recuperative ability, the body needs complete days off for total neaural recooperation, following the philosophy that training with short intense work outs and good nutrition with only 1-2 bodyparts per work out a week will not lead to over training because each part has a weeks rest then we should be able to train indefinately, however truth is we must take complete rest days off for total recovery, two days a week is good but I recommend three for beginners).

The most important thing to remember is that every person is unique and your program must be unique to me with your stats and current routine and I will help you out, also Lord Kovacs I just got in today so I will send you that program and info you asked me for like a week ago (sorry about that I was away for awhile). Excellent thread people, glad for once it stayed off the roid topic and just focused on work outs, nice and clean. Damn sorry I missed it. Also supplement wise creatine is a 1000% safe even the IOC allows it and another top notch supplement is ZMA add that to your program for great recovery
and huge strength increases.
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