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We have had alot of herps, at one point peaking near a hundred (not inculding babies). Now we have cut down to about 30 to focus on quality and care but when we had more I found the that snakes were very easy to maintain, lots of water, automated heat/light systems and some one to check in once or twice a day and presto, lizards on the other hand were a little more difficult but still manageable, the worst was the feeders...rats and rabbits. They are more work then any herp in existence so now a days they are all frozen. Cut the work load down by 70%. Daily spot cleanings, a good schedule and a smart set up go a long way towards ease of care. Vacations, long ones anyway probably will require a pet sitter which are easy to come by just check a posting board at your local pet store. I have no dogs or cats so I couldn't say about them but IMO a dog looks like another kid work thanks...and monitors and semi-aquatics (crocs/turtles) are pretty heavy work too, but every pleasure has a price. Just make sure before you go on a vacation everything is set up to make the sitters job as easy as possible so as to avoid any unfortunate mistakes. Truthfully I haven't been on a vacation since I owned herps...or for that matter since I had kids...which now that I think about it was around the same time...hmmmm.
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