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just because something is legal doesnt mean that its morally right
I couldnt agree more!!!

your arguing a point with no facts behind you i stated my source was an article in the toronto star
By stating it was article on the toronto star doesnt truly represent a source. Im not doubting that this article was it the paper, im just stating that i could have said, "well i read in the toronto sun that blah blah blah" Would you believe me then...NO you wouldnt because the source doesnt have enough detail to trace it back..Yea yea i know that you didnt see this dicussion coming so there fore you wouldnt have thought to save the article.

ok so i guess recording movies off tv should be illegal too or if you pick up a newspaper that you didnt buy, and read it ,then you are infringing on so called papers copyright as you never paid for it
Thats taking it to the extreme.


I just brought up that question because i wasnt sure on the point
BoAddict brought up.

Anyway, thats all i got to say.

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