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my wife of only 3 months thinks that I am an extremist. i just had her read about you guys. now she's worried i might be envious! we have 14 snakes, 9 lizards, hermit crabs, 3 jap fighting fish, 2 cats. then i have my breeding projects( rats, crickets, roaches, mealworms, and house geckos) and i am always working on some type of housing project. we both work 50 hr weeks. not alot of time for vacations. i am going to take the first weekend of november to go on alittle getaway(tampa florida breeders expo) hehehe! i love my pets. what a great hobby!
1.1 alb. calkings,1.1 jungle carpets,1.1 pueblan milksnakes,0.1 ball pyth, 0.1 red tail, 3 red rats, 1.1 glades rats, 0.1 red blood pythons
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