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yea i have 68 lizards,and one snake,lol....quite a handfull at times,it's hard to work 5 days a week 10 hours a day,maintain a relationship,andget a decent amount of sleep,and what is friends??seems as though i never have time for them,lol,so i pay my little sister 20 dollars a week to clean up poop and change the water for me,otherwise i wouldn't find time to do it nearly as often as it should be done,i take care of the feeding(lol,the fun part)lol,i dream of the day i can quit my job,and just become one of Canada's largest breeders!that would be so awesome,to do a job i'd actually enjoy(rather then Burger King)lol,i'm probably pei's largest that's not really saying much is it?and in order to start a good business i'd have to MAKE money,lol.....i'd be very happy if i ever broke even,but even if that doesn't work out,i still enjoy the hobby very much!
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