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well I dont have any younger sibs, but I do have 3 older brothers. The oldest one can just drive everyone insane... he's a joker and he loves to just come to the house and piss everyone off. I actually like helping him out and then end up laughing so hard I can't breathe in the end, it's awesome.

The 2nd oldest is (I dont wanna seem like i'm picking favorites) so freakin awesome! He takes me places and we wrestle and crack jokes and I have so much fun being around him... except when he's in a bad mood. When he's all cranky watch out, man he'll rip your head off. But damn he's so freakin fun to be around!

The 3rd oldest is just a dumb@$$. I hate him so much. He's like a younger sibling instead of an older one and he thinks he's so much better than everyone else just because he can drive a stupid car. I can drive, too! I just dont have my license yet! And I hate the way he goes to my parents when I knock him in the head when he pisses me off or when I do something he thinks isn't right. Then I get in trouble... I get in trouble practically every day because of him. It drives me INSANE! I think I feel this way about him because we're the closest in age, about 13 months apart. But he just needs to lay off sometimes. And OMG he cries, CRIES, like a frickin baby! I wish he would grow up!

I think the 3rd oldest makes up for not having a younger sibling... I got the best of both worlds with him around.
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