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Anyone have really super crappy syblings?
When I was younger, yes. When I grew up, nope. My sister is close to 3 years younger than me and COMPLETELY opposite in every conceivable way. When we were really young kids she used to throw her radio at me, take chunks out of my leg, and all sorts of fights like that (and she was a big girl until her mid-late teens). When we were teenagers we just screamed and fought and were just awful ALL the time. She is a very difficult person to live with because she is so incredibly stubborn and is -always- right. The word compromise is definitely not in her vocabulary and she is pretty much a spoiled brat. Despite all this, we rarely ever fight anymore and can actually spend a day together and stuff like that. We can talk to eachother and whatnot. I think in most cases, its simply an age thing, and all the scrapping will be outgrown in time.
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