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I figure if you have 39 snakes and can still afford a vacation you will have to look a long time before you find any sympathizers! LOL! Right now I can't afford either let alone both. As far as all the work goes, 39 is almost 5 times more than I have and I sometimes struggle to keep up so I don't know how it's done day-to-day on that scale let alone how you fit a vacation in there. It's the food, I find that is the problem. You have to have the money to buy the prey or to feed it if you raise it yourself. Then you need the time to maintain prey or go out and buy it then more time to actually do the feedings. Thirty plus snakes sounds like many hours of work each week so unless you can buddy up with someone who may need you to return the favour later on, as someone had suggested, it has to be really hard to get away even for a week. These problems must be even bigger still for those with large hot collections. You can ask your neighbor or sister to feed your cat while you're away but it may be harder to find someone to change the water in the gaboon viper enclosure, I'd do it, but I've been told I'm a little different(that's what people say when they're being nice anyway...). Maybe there could be a forum for snake sitting, done on the barter system...
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