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I'm in the same situation you are. I currently do not have the luxury of another room to quarantine in. All my animals have their own set of equipment that does not come in to contact with anyone elses (sponges, bags, etc). They are treated for external parasites on arrival as a precaution. Not only are mites a nuissance to get in your collection, but they can also spread disease. After they settle in, situation depending, they may be treated for internal parasites as well. In between handling each animal I wash my hands well with antibacterial dishsoap followed by a thorough spraying 3x with 99% pure isopropyl alcohol. Not only do I cleanse my hands this way, but I wash all the way up to at least my elbows. I keep up this routine even after the 3-6+ month quarantine period, just as a precaution. Maybe I'm paranoid, but its better safe than sorry
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