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Originally posted by KaHane
Hmmmm... Interesting post....... Here's my thoughts.
You must train hard and eat right. 80% of it is in your nutrition and 20% is sweat in the gym. The most important is PROTIEN, you should consume 1.5 grams of protien per lean body weight. If you weigh 184lbs you should have 277-278 grams per day, now divide it by 40. Eat 40 grams per meal and spread it out through the day. I rarely eat carbs, only right after cardio and training so your muscles can get back it's glycogen stores. To train naturally, you must have enough rest for your working and growing muscles. Try this schedule:
3-4 excercise per bodypart. 8-10 reps for 3-4 sets Max.
Monday: Chest
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: Shoulders
Thursday: Legs( Quads& Hamstrings)
Friday: Arms( Biceps&Triceps)
Saturday: Abs&Calves
Sunday: Rest
Then you do it all over again, To train naturally you need the rest, but train hard and short. The workouts should last around 45- 60 minutes. This schedule will ensure you have enough rest and each workout you will be stronger and lifting heavier!
Here's a post workout drink recipe muscle gains and size: Control your insulin and use it for your benefit!
Insulin is a powerful hormone that is in your body, too much of it will make you fat as a house. But if you can harness it's power you can make DRAMATIC gains!, cause insulin acts as a transport system to take all nutrients to your muscles and make them stronger and fuller, which will make them bigger and grow! Carbs induces insulin, specificly simple carbs, such as sugar. Protien will slow and shut it down.
So here's the recipe:
60 grams of dextrose( corn sugar, you can use regular sugar but dextrose is much better.)
5-10 grams of creatine
10 grams of Glutamine( Amino acid that plays a MAJOR role in muscle synthesis and recovery)
100 grams of Alpha lipoic acid( another insulin stimulator)
1 cup of juice
mix it up and drink it RIGHT AFTER your workout. Wait half an hour( for the insulin spike) Then drink 40-50 grams of pure protien shake. This post workout drinks will be the most important thing, without it you will make little if any gains.
There is the recipe for guaranteed size and strength NATURALLY!
Well thought I'd post my 2 cents! If you have any more questions, let me know.
So I quoted Kahane here because I beleive that he speaks the truth for building serious mass.

But not everyone is built like kahane. If your a thin build you might be whats called a hard gainer. What Kahane describes here is a VERY serious workout routine for a VERY serious body builder. Do not fret you too can have the body you have always wanted.

First look up hard gainer. Second Start doing legs and back. Your legs and Back produce the most testosterone. You will build muscle more readily with higher testosterone levels.

Personally I see better gains with a 2 day weight lifting 1 day cardio split. I am personally a hard gainer. I have alot of trouble gaining weight in any fashion. I do legs every day, its either a Squat or a Dead lift of some sort.
If you want to get big, YOU MUST DO LEGS AND BACK. My exercise list is usually, 2x20 squat or deadlift I do squats on one day and deadlift on the other. every exercise I do a 1x20 warmup with a very light weight
On both days I do 1x8 curls of some sort
2x8 rows of some sort
2x6 bench press
2x20 calf raises
2x8 over head press w/dumbells usually
2x10 close grip pull ups normal or reversed with no warmup.

You want to increase your weight and rotate your workout.
So if you do preacher curls one week you want to do concentration curls or some other curl the next week.
Keep a record of how much you do and how many times you do it.
you always want to keep increasing your weights.

Never work out to failure more then once a week. This will help reduce the affect on the central nervous system and might help your immune system stay strong.

Working out can make you sick if you over do it. Remember to do cardio 2 times a week or more for 30 minutes a day. I do a 20 minute warmup on a stationary bike before I do any workout too.

And EAT EAT EAT, take your vitamins and drink LOTS of water.

If you don't want to spend alot of money on vitamins, I suggest a good multi vitamin, one that has individual vitamins, a bottle of 2222 amino pills and take them as recommended, myoplex whey protien powders work good for me, and follow kahanes directions on when to take them and what he says about drinking juice right after a workout, what he says about the insulin is correct. has a great list of exercises with pictures. has a great forum.
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