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Originally posted by SCReptiles
I think these pics are staged. Looks like two snakes to me, made to look like one large mangled snake. I got all these Monday in one of those email forwards. If I had to guess I would say this is two large balls that died in transport, and the importer decided to have a little fun.
Well I can tell you that the snake inside the pc was fake, first how did the snake get into the PSU. It would have had to go through the fans since there isn't any other openeing on it that the snake could get through. The snake would have probably died in the way in and not on the way out not from the fan but from being fried since somehow the fan didn't scare it away.

Now the picture of the Snake under the hook looks pretty legit.

The belts broken on the car and it looks pretty consistant with the damage the snake has on it and the amount of for lack of a better word snake parts on various peice of the engine. If its a hoax then someone took alot of time with it. Look at the snake, its skinned form neck to where its stuck in the pulley, there are rubber burns on the snakes body, the ribs are broken in a way that would be hard to fake, and the skin is wrapped in the pulley.
Snakes? I just like to teraform!

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