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2 health questions

I saw something very strange when cleaning out my Boa's (common, 6 y.o. male) cage, so I thought I'd post here to see if anyone has seen something similar. I'm hoping its not what I suspect it to be...

He typically rests in his favourite hide box (an giant popcorn bowl with a doorway) coiled. When I picked him up to move him, he predictably began to un-coil and explore me like the big tree that i am to him. As he slithered over my hands, about 10 inches from his head there was some white, stringey, snotty stuff there that i wiped away with my fingers. I examined him throughly to see if this was from some type of wound, which there was none to be found. I'm thinking this might be some type of worm/parasite, but i'm not sure.

I suppose in an ideal scenario, it was just some gross residue from his poo that he hugs so dearly from time to time. Here's to hoping!

so that being said, here are my questions:

1. anyone ever seen anything like what I've described?
2. who is the best snake vet in Toronto?
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