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Originally posted by V.hb
I personally feel diet has alooooot more to do with health then some cheap pet store uv bulb.
Couldn't agree more. My ig developed MBD as a baby due to the fact that there wasn't a great deal of information on them (we were even in contact with the Buffalo Zoo during this time for assistance). She was fed a diet of romaine lettuce, shredded carrots, and dog food, supplemented with reptile vitamins (not a cal/d3 supplement). No wonder she got sick! I balme it 100% on diet though. She has never been provided with artificial UVB lighting and her diet was corrected. She is now going on 20 years old and still full of beans She does receive the suns rays whenever weather permits in the summer however. I personally won't waste a dime on those bulbs. As Walter mentioned, they are incredibly weak in comparison to the animals actual natural UV requirements. I would rate them as pretty well insignificant in most cases. My animals get their supplements in the winter to compensate for the lack of sun, and then the guys with higher requirements go outside in the summer. So I cannot say that all mine are completely without sun, but there are many people that have indeed sucessfully kept and bred basking animals for generations without lighting, such as the Iguana Zoo in Europe. Of course natural UV is beneficial to animals (except those that live in the great depths of the sea ), however I do not believe those bulbs pet stores try to pawn off are worth much at all. Just my thoughts on the matter
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