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This was just my opinion about being beneficial but not 100% convinced if it is needed in most reptiles. Yes some should have it but as Jeff pointed out how much light gets threw the thick canopies? Also the new UV bulbs (power sun ect...) Have lots more UV then the conventional UV tubes but many reports say they have to much UV and can be harmful to the reptiles eyes. but there is still nothing as bright as natural light.
Another quote from Tortoise Trust Web- Understanding Reptile lighting Systems. " One keeper found that in order to provide a satisfactory level of lighting for a 10' X 5' indoor enclosure eighteen 48" 40W full spectrum fittings were required.
If this is true many of our cages are very dimly lit but many of the reptiles seem to do fine.
There are many questions that are needing answers and every post is bringing up more. I'm not asking one question I am asking for updated proof on the debate that has been going on for years.Plus the best proof out there is from the keepers them selfs. I am also looking for more proof on different reptile besides the iguana, that argument is still going, lol.
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