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I don't own birds as pets but I help maintain three different species at the zoo.
1.Macaws. God no. But you probably already no that so I won't elaborate. :-P

2. Quaker Parrot. Not terribly loud and the cute factor is definitly there. They have lots of personality. They are VERY territorial over especially over their food. I got a nipped knuckle from trying to swap old food with some fresh stuff. I think they need to keep entertained. Ours, Willie, is kept in a busy building so while he doesn't get a ton of personal attention 24/7 he does have a lot of stimulus around him.

3. European Starling. I'm not even sure if these are available in the pet trade but they are neat. They are big time mimmickers! Our always makes the phone ring and answers it with the appropriate zoo dept. name.
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