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Also could be email accounts. @shaw has had a problem with sending to @hotmail accounts for 20 days or so now. Nothing a reptile breeder can do about that. I mean, we have power, but not that much power! LOL!

I get 10 emails/day minimum about people wanting animals. Unless I'm out of town (reptile show, vacation, life) I answer them all within a 12-hour period. But think about a guy like Ralph Davis. He didn't check his email for 3 days and he had 740 emails from people wanting Ball Pythons! That is just crazy!

And on the flipside, I have had multi-email conversations (over 15 emails both ways) with people wanting animals, only to have them say "I decided to get something else, thanks for your time". I'm not talking 2 or 3 emails. I'm talking like 15 with me sending pics of step-by-step cage setups, what to feed the first 2 years of life (entire food schedule), upwards of 15 pics of the animal(s) etc etc etc. And then one day they say "no thanks". I could have sold the animal(s) 4 times over like a week earlier. So it goes both ways. EASILY.
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