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Yes i should have given the money back, i kno its wrong to take that extra money, but doesnt mistake happen???(But then why did super pet make so many mistakes???it couldnt have been the same person) My first mistake taking the money, she also made a mistake by giving me the money. Now that hearing from you people made me change my mind and if it happens again, i will be honest, and tell the clerk she/he made a made me realize that....and i wanna thank you, i didnt think about the person losing the job...Im just 14 what am i suppose to know, but as i grow up i learn my mistakes, and plus this has only happened once...(well to me) But does $20 bucks really make a difference in the company(i kno it puts the clerk at risk) but 20 bucks......100 bucks i can understand but thats a different story

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