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It must be nice to be sitting by your computer all day just WAITING for a PM or an e-mail to come in so that you can respond to it immediately. As for my opinion, I feel that since most of the people selling things on the Classifieds Forum of this site are NOT a business, and are essentially selling their own personal animals or supplies, there are no rules that they should follow. If they choose to wait a week to respond, then they should also realize that they've probably lost a sale. For example, there is one breeder on this website (most of you know who I am talking about), who is notorious for not responding to messages, e-mails phone calls, etc. He must know that his reputation is getting worse and worse by the minute. He's only shooting himself in the foot by his less-than-stellar response time, if any at all. So, in the end, it's only the seller who's suffering.

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