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when placing an ad i would think youd expect some emails and you oughta be prompt in responding with in 24 hours
BoAddict, I totally agree.

chas*e, the job thing and lack of spare time eeeyeah I can see that. But they've gotta know what their getting themselves into man c'mon! I forgive

Lilyskip, I see where you are coming from but it wouldn't hurt to respond with "I'm currently working a deal right now, I'll let you know how it goes yada yada." or something like that.

A response is a response whether favorable or not and is much appreciated.

Alot of times I've sent out e-mails showing interest and NEVER get a response back. Tell me the snake died, or it was sold, or you're not selling it anymore, or it grew legs and is now worth $100,000.00. I wouldn't care what I was told, all I'm looking for is a response.

What's funny is that sometimes after sending out e-mails that never get answered, the interesting ad gets reposted sometime down the line.

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