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I always thought the Green Anaconda was larger than a retic.. I rememebr reading somewhere that it was recorded alot larger.
There are reports of anacondas that exceed the record accepted length of the retic, but they are not currently being accepted by the scientific community. Guinness recognized a 42 conda as the largest ever for many years, but later changed their record to a 329 retic citing lack of evidence as the reason. Currently the longest scientifically accepted record is the 329 retic killed in Indonesia in 1912, follow by a close second Rock Python, 322, which was killed on the Ivory Coast in 1932.

I always thought that african rocks are smaller then burms.
In terms of averages, the burms are longer then the rocks. If you compare the largest specimens recorded, that unusual rock killed in 1932 boosts the rocks to second in terms of length.

Top fives: (in terms of average length)
1. Retic
2. Burmese
3. Anaconda
4. Rock
5. Scrub
Top five: (in terms of one time measures)
1. Retic
2. Rock
3. Burmese
4. Anaconda
5. Scrub
Top five: (in terms of reports)
1. Anaconda
2. Retic
3. Rock
4. Burmese
5. Scrub

I am not familiar with any cases of a carpet python exceeding 20, and do not believe they should be included in the top five.
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