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Even though it was made by the governemtn agencies... and its as real as it can be... boidem will still checkk up on da date and see that it differs, and thats when you're screwed. I've seen fake ID's that literally look real, you cant tell the difference between and real and a fake in some cases... BUT if they catch you with that thing man... like, sometimes, if you drive, boidem will pull you over just to see whos drivin'... you kids in cars are good targets ( I'm usin' this as an example by the way )... My boy drives a Lex'... hes Tamil, and when police see him drivin' it, they ALWAYS run plate check and on some occasions, pull him over 'cause hes a kid... sorry to saay dude, but we get targeted easily Is that you're only ID that shows your age? 'Cause if it is, I'd get it replaced... 'cause one day or another, it'll catch up to you...

YOu're other option, is get a fake done with you're real age!

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