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LOL to be truth full and I hate to burst you bubble but not reporting such a mistake is actualy a federal offence basicly what you have in your hands is a legit fake ID and cold cause some serious problems with you and the buy that isued that card. Lets say you do get caught as wildly imposible that can be if you just stick to the under age porn and curfew this could be poushed all the way to the point that you bribed the DMV person and think of it this way holloween is just around the corner if you get pumpikin smashing you are no longer charged as a minor and belive me that is not the time to tell the cops that they mesed up you ID LOL if you get my drift.

moral of this story is stay as young as humanly posible, cause as much troubles as you want, knock out the high school bully cause next year that is all stuff that will fallow you for the rest of your life.

I was there man when I was 17 I would give my left nut to have a fake ID to be 20 now I am 20 and I would give my right nut to BE 17 again. Enjoy it while it lasts cause a beer just dont tast the same when you are legale...LOL
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