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I skate, I'm at Londons SkatePark every day after school (around 2:45). I'm pretty good, but I have a broken, or badly sprain wrist right now, not that its stopping me. My setup= DNA MindProbe Deck, Tensor Lo's, Girl 54MM Wheels, Pig SpeedStar Bearing, Dooks Shockpads, Circa "Adrian Lopez" Shoes. the red ones. Some of the tricks I can do.. although not all... Flip Tricks : Kickflip, Heel Flip, Varials, Varial Heelflip, Big Sping, 180-360 pop shoveits (normal and fakie), Tri-Flips.. ugh.. basically every truck grind and basic grabs.. I got bored of naming tricks, so if you live in london area drop by the skatepark and I can show you haha
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