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Jeff Hathaway
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Features I'd like to see:

-Night-time drop with programmable time settings for each channel, instead of the single photocell style of the GCS.

-Ability to heat or cool as required to maintain temp. setpoint (2 relays required)

-Submersible temp. probes (already available commercially)

-Audible alarm which can be disabled, and flashing LED alarm

-Data logging capability

-Humidity control as an option

-Light control as an option

-Ideally, multiple relays which are assignable to a function, i.e. 8 relays which could be used for 8 heat controls, or 4 heat and 4 light circuits, or 4 heat, 2 light, and 2 humidity

That's all I can think of right now. I'm no electronics genius, but I do have extensive experience with similar control systems for commercial swimming pool chemical feeds. I might be able to help you out a bit if you need it.

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