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Big birds scare the crap outta me. I don't much care to keep anything around that can take off a finger in a single snap Hyacinth Macaws are gorgeous though! I cannot have a bird but I was considering maybe getting one when I move downstairs and have more space. I think I would probably end up going with a budgie Love birds are too pretty but they make too much noise. Quakers are nice but outta my price range.

Originally posted by Zoe
I don't have one, but I love cockatoos. They are so pretty and friendly! But don't get one if you're busy because they'll beat themselves up if they don't get enough attention... and they can be loud.
Oh gawd are they ever loud! Drives me nuts. Also you have to be careful with them as they are notorious for bonding extremelyto one person and can be extremely agressive towards other people (we had to get rid of several cockatoos at my old job because of this... one just liked one person and one nly liked men - not great when the bird wants to go after all females customers and all of the staff are females as well!). Cockatoos are the neediest of all those birds.
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