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what were you using in the bottle just curious
My guess is hand sanatizer.

Wow! Thats great what your doing and i would love to do the same but i am a bit ruluctent to do so. i do have a small show planed some time this year for the class room and teacher who was responsable for my snake addiction! but when i was trying to get involved with NTGSR (North Texas Giant Snake Rescue) the man who started and was in charge of the whole thing moved to a diffrent city 5 miles away and offerd to help the local anamal contral saying that if they had any snakes come threw he would gladly take them and try to find a home for them. Well they thanked him by telling him he has to get rid off all his snakes within 48 hours or he will be fined a LARGE amount of money for every day he still had them. and i KNOW where i live it is agest city ordanace so i dont want to risk looseing my babys. but good job and keep it up!!!
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