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The totally pets show was a bit different cause i was answering questions. It's hard for me to just go in front of people and talk. Grant had asked me to do a presentation on their stage and I had to refuse because of it. as for other tarantulas to "show", I would have to recommend these following extremely docile and do not move much species. The pink zebra beauty as it is affordable even at adult size (roughly $45), Brazilian blacks are expensive as adults but I sell 1/4" for $24, the chaco golden knee is also expensive as an adult but I sell 1/4" babies for $30. The red knee is also very nice but tends to flick hairs which isn't too good for kids especially when their face is at the height of your hands. 1/4" goes for $40. There are many other species that are docile (will not bite) but tend to flick urticating hairs.
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hehe, it looks like you were spraying the kids with your bottle if they got to close to the snake LOL.
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