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Unhappy Regurgitation Problems

Two days ago I fed my baby corn snakes for the third time. By now, I thought they'd be into a routine, but not so. The male Okeetee refused to eat. Today I discovered my other two males had regurgitated their meals.

I checked the thermostat and decided to turn it down a hair (was at 84, but could have caused the smaller cages of the corns to be too hot...but I doubt that.

I'm wondering if even the little bit of handling I did this week made them nervous enough to regurgitate or if something else is going on. This time I let them out of their "feeding tubs" a little sooner than usual and some of them came lunging out with rattling tails.

Is it time for a vet trip? I'm worried that if this is due to stress, a trip to the vet would just cause more difficulties. The nearest true herp vet is an hour away.

Should I just keep an eye on them (mostly leaving them alone), then wait until the next feeding day?

Unfortunately, Kathy Love is on vacation so I can't consult her.
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