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Originally posted by V.hb
I always thought the Green Anaconda was larger than a retic.. I rememebr reading somewhere that it was recorded alot larger.
Depends on how much proof you need. There are big differences between the largest documented anacondas, and the largest "reported" anacondas. There are people even today looking for 60' giants in the Amazon. I suspect the same holds for retics and other large species.

"The Anaconda is the largest snake in the world. The largest anaconda ever known was 100 feet long."

Although it is difficult to find an authentic record of the largest anaconda, a measurement of 37 1\2 foot has been widely accepted by scientist."

"Some people do not accept the 37 1/2 ft. Colombian anaconda because after shooting the snake and measuring it, the expedition went off and ate lunch before attempting to photograph and skin it. While they were gone, the snake, (apparently still alive) crawled or swam away."

On the subject of anacondas, if you like these guys and haven't read Jesus Rivas' work, you should. It can be found easily on the net.


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