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Wow Guys!

Thoses guys look amazing! and the boa

I love seeing this species getting the recognition they deserve.....
They truly are amazing snakes.....

Length wise, u can expect those guys to get 4 feet easily....usually maxing out at 6 feet for females from what ive seen.....

As for Temperment, I have not witnessed any difference in it, because its kind of impossible to tell which local they have come from.
The malaysians are said to be more of a "blood red" and nastier...
but i am saying this solely on "heresay"....

Marketing wise, it would be better for those selling them, to say they are from Sumatra...but i dont think anyone really knows for sure, unless u get papers with them....

again Congrats, and feel free to pm/email me with any questions....

Grant vg,
PS. Also doing the Happy dance!
Grant van Gameren
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