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I have three Okeetees: one male and two females. I have decided to name the male "Kernel Cobb." I want to name one of the females after the Native American corn goddess, "Selu."

One of the females has the wonderful belly checkerboard pattern from head to tail, which is a bit unusual. I'm wondering about a name that would acknowledge this feature, but "Checkers" sounds like a male name to me. What do you think?


I also have three albino or reverse Okeetees: one male and two females. The male has an inordinate amount of white. He should be a real looker when his orange comes in. In fact, some of his blotches are completely eclipsed by white. I wonder if the blotches will come in. I doubt it. If not, he'll have a pattern of white blotches on his sides. I've named him "Ringo." I've named one of his wives "Starr." Interestingly, the other female has a blotch that is shaped a bit like a crescent moon, so I've named her "Luna."


The other two are a crimson and a lovely hypo. They are both quite a bit snappier than the others, though I'm sure they'll calm down. I've named them "Lestat" and "Akasha."

My other snakes are Aragorn and Arwen, the Arizona Mt. Kingsnakes; and Bayou and Bijou the Louisiana milksnakes.

One thing I like about Louisianas is that they don't grow very large. Bayou is 17 inches plus, but Bijou is under ten inches.

I like the Louisianas best, probably because I've had them the longest and they defy all the bad press I've heard of milksnakes being nervous and spastic. When I feed Bayou, I actually hold him and hand-feed him. He will eat and swallow his meal while I am holding him. He is very, very tame. (I'm not sure this is considered a good practice, but I enjoy watching him enjoy his meal.)

The littlest milksnake is just so cute. She's a year old, but tiny. Louisianas hatch out at five small!


The problem is I haven't run out of names. I want to name one "Legolas" after the elf in LOTR. Legless, Legolas...get it? So, I have an extra name for a male, but I'm still looking for a name for female Okeetee. Maybe the fully checkerboarded female should be Selu and I should name the other snake something else...
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