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Just last week I lost one of my baby albino Okeetee corns. I was so frantic that--like a complete idiot--I tried to move the shelving the snake cages sit on to see if she was hiding under them. I bet you can guess that the top plastic container fell, plastering the floor with water and aspen shavings...AAAAAAAA! Luckily, the resident snake was startled, but OK.

I was so mad!!!

I realized I would need a dirty towel to clean up the mess, so I headed for the bathroom. I picked up the only dirty towel on the bathroom closet floor and underneath it was my escapee.

I still can't believe it happened this way. Had I not spilled soaked shavings all over the ground, I would not have found her so soon. I had planned to search the areas closest to the snakes first, including a closet with a heavy bookcase in it. She was at the room farthest away from the snake area.

Unbelievable! Total luck.
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