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Amazing luck with WC!

I feel like braggin.

Hey....most of you know y first snake ever was a Ball Python. Although he was a WC and in very poor health.

When I got him he was only 1yr of age and VERY VERY skinny. He was around 3ft maybe alittle les im not sure. Well when I got him home he had ticks....BAD ticks. And if this isnt enough he would not eat for the life of me. After removing the ticks(I globbed Vasoline on and they released)....a few days later they were back! So after taking them off then him getting them again I did a HUGE cleanout of his cage and surrounding area. That worked....but still no luck with him feeding. 4 months went past....nothing. Another 2 went by...nothing. Now I've tried live & ft and ft rats....braining...chicken broth...simulating the rats den....EVERYTHING. Well one day I was about to give up(I was offered a corn for him at a show) but I figured I'd give it one more try. So I bought a live small rat....disabled it(whacked it pretty hard) and did the nest simulation by gettin a container and putting a hole in it so he sorta climbed "downwards". Well the next day I went in and didnt see the rt....I was SOOO happy. So happy and shocked that I literally searched my room for the rat LOL

Well thats his story and today he is a healthy, adult 3 1/2ft male BP that east literally anything I throw at him.

Thanks for baring with me,
Don of DMreptiles
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