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Question What to do w/ extra supplies?

We start our excursion to Hawaii this Friday. Weíre driving west from CT stopping in Chicago, Kansas City, Denver, and Las Vegas to visit family and friends before we fly out of Los Angeles to Hawaii.

When in Chicago we are going to the Tinley Park rep show. My question is this- I have some random supplies that I donít need to take with me, but I have no one here to give them to and I donít want to just toss them. I have some red and white heat bulbs, about 2 or 3 lamp fixtures, 2 or 3 critter carriers, random sized water bowls (ceramic and plastic) and some climbing sticks. I called the Humane Society around me and they said that they really donít have a need for any of it. Iím not going to drive 20 miles to give them 2 water bowls that they may use. Any ideas before I take off Friday morning? If I ended up packing them up, would it be odd to bring them to the reptile show to give away (not sell)? Or if there is anyone who is willing to drive to Groton, CT itís all yours-donations accepted. Any ideas? If I am going to pack them up, I need to do it now while my husband is out- he has a hard time believing my justifications to haul this stuff across the US with us. Thanks.
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