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Interestingly enough, both she and her husband did a double-shed. She went opaque again. Just before the blue phase, she refused two pinkies.

This time I put some wet moss in her enclosure to keep up the humidity and her skin came off in one beautiful piece. Her weight looks fine, considering. I think she will brumate just fine. Hopefully, she'll come out very hungry, ready to eat something besides pinkies.

Her husband is actually fat. I hope he loses weight when he brumates.

As for Arwen, I will try feeding her a substantial meal in a day or two. I'm not very hopeful because her records show that she tends to shut off in October. I guess I'll just have to see what happens.

An aside: it really bothers me when a mouse is wasted. For awhile I would come back after two hours and if she rejected the meal, I would give it to Aragorn. That's why he got so fat. I realized that feeding a snake that didn't need a meal is harmful, so I started throwing the rejected mice into the trash. I know something else will eat the mice when they go into the trash, but it feels wasteful to me. It's like I'm hovering over the snake, telling it about all the snakes starving in the red center of Australia. But they don't finish the food on their plates, regardless.

Part of the problem is that sometimes you have to give the skittish feeders lots of time and that means sleeping on it. By morning, the mouse can't go anywhere BUT the trash. If you wait a couple of hours and have enough snakes, you could probably avoid throwing mice out, but I don't really have that luxury.

Aragorn is getting WAY too chubby. For his health, I have to be wasteful.
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