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The babies are getting a little more settled and I've named most of them. I'll list the names when I'm not feeling quite so comatose.

I do have Louisiana milksnakes and they are so very unlike their reputation. Both the 18-inch male and 10-inch female are very, very calm.

I don't know if this is considered "wrong" in herpetological circles, but I feed Bayou when I'm holding him. I let him tongue-flick the f/t mouse, then slowly draw it away. He strikes, then stays in my hands as he devours his meal.

Bayou and Aragorn (the pyro) are the calmest snakes I have. Bijou, the tiny milk is next calmest, followed by Arwen the pyro, then all the baby corns. They just need time to settle down.

I feel fortunate that my milksnakes are so calm. When Bijou grows up, I am hoping for calmer-than-usual babies. I don't know if their disposition is due to my handling or their natures, but they are nice snakes.
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1.1 Arizona mountain kingsnakes (Chris Baubel and Gerold Merker)
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1.1 albino Okeetee corns (Kathy Love)
1.0 hypo crimson corn (Kathy Love)
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