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Hum... Animals that I have named.

Male - Squeek was his given name and his proper name is Kaneda and he only weighs 25 pounds
Female - Pandora, The oldest of the pack and the only one I named
Female - Kaylee I let one of my girlfriends name her.

Male - Louis
Male - Lestat, both of these ferrets have now passed on.

Dog, Nala. The Shar-Pei breeder had already named this dog when we bought it.

Snow Corn - Pinky (probably going to have mental problems since he is named after his current diet.)
Brazilian Rainbow Boa - Yet UnNamed And My snow corn is just a temp name until I can think of something more fitting. those are just what I use in my Dbase for keeping track of them

No other pets in the house yet but more snakes are on the way.

Snakes? I just like to teraform!
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